Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Have a question about your commercial floor mats? We’ve compiled this list of best practices, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of your customized floor mat investment. Whether you’re deciding to order your first commercial floor mat or you’ve been using Matting By Design’s products for years, here is where you’ll find the information you need. See if your question is answered below or call us at 800-468-0860 to talk to our factory experts. Make sure to download a Matting By Design Owner’s Manual too. 

    • Sweep and mop your finished floor before laying your matting on top. Unroll your mat following the guidelines in our Owner’s Manual.

    • To easily move the mat, grab the corners and fluff air under the mat like you would a bed sheet. Find details in our Owner’s Manual.

    • First, unroll your floor mat so it can lay flat and relax for a minimum of 24 hours. Then, sweep and scrub the recessed area, so the backside of the floor mat can properly grip the floor. Full instructions are listed on page 8 of the Matting By Design Owner’s Manual.

    • No. NEVER fold or roll the matting with the pink side out, even for a short time. Rolling matting incorrectly for as little as 15 seconds can cause damage in the form or stretching or wrinkling that may not be repairable. Click here to learn how to properly store your floor mat.

    • Follow our daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tips found here. Remember to regularly inspect your floor mat closely for small damage that could become a bigger problem. Most small defects can be repaired by one of our technicians or a qualified subcontractor. Call us at 800-468-0860 for guidance on repairing the damage.

    • Contact Matting By Design’s Installation Advisor, at 515-295-3902 Ext. 53, during normal business hours, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., Mon. – Fri.

    • Floor mats trap dirt and moisture from floors, which helps keep spaces clean, prevents slips and falls, and serves as a layer of protection for the floor. Commercial businesses often use Matting By Design floor mats with the company’s branded design to provide a safe, uniform, and clean appearance, and because the fast-drying properties further prevent slip and fall liability exposures. A company mat or commercial mat can also earn LEED points through USGBC certification. To learn more about LEED, click here.

    • Our Owner’s Manual recommends vacuuming all mats at least once a day with a commercial, two-motor upright vacuum, but do not rotary or bonnet buff. Spot clean as needed with a carpet and rug institute-approved spot remover. Your maintenance supplier will be able to help you determine the type of stain and find the correct cleaner. Include the floor matting in your inspection of the performance of your cleaning crew. At least twice per year, commercial mats should have a professional extraction clean. For more information, please see the basic cleaning section of the Matting By Design Owner’s Manual.

    • Commercial floor matting can be found in a variety of businesses, including retail stores, hospitals, churches, universities, and anywhere looking to enhance a space with mats by design. Commercial mats and company mats are popular because of their many long-lasting benefits. (This could link the first question- why are floor mats important). Businesses use floor matting to enhance their branding and image as well as for safety reasons. Matting By Design offers three commercial floor mat options: premium, heavy-duty, and light-duty.

    • Every Matting By Design floor mat is made with non-slip PVC backing to keep floor matting in place without glues, screws, frames, or drains. This makes Matting by Design floor mats easy to install and easy to move, allowing flexibility in usage.
      1. Move floor mat into position.
      2. Grasp floor mat corners and fluff air under it using a wave motion. Note: Keep mat low to the ground when doing this and grab into the fibers, rather than using the edging as a handle.
      3. Once air floods the underside, the floor mat will seem to float, making it easy to pull and turn.
      4. Move floor mat into desired position, fluffing in more air if needed.
      5. Remove trapped air by standing in the center and shuffling your feet as you walk to the edge of the floor mat. Do this all the way around the floor mat. Removing the air allows the backing to grip the floor.
      6. Once it is repositioned, there is an accumulation of air under the floor mat that must be removed.
      7. Starting in the center of the floor mat, walk toward the outer edges, shuffling your feet as you go. This forces the air out. Note: If you do not remove the air from under the floor mat, it will not properly re-grip the floor and will have a tendency to slide out of position easily.
      See Matting By Design’s Owner’s Manual for more information.

    • Matting By Design mats have a quick-dry design that is breathable, open-weave, and anti-microbial, eliminating mold and mildew and adding an extra layer of protection for your floor. Air circulates throughout the floor mat, which speeds drying time and eliminates plaster migration and underlying floor damage. See Matting By Design’s Owner’s Manual for more information.

    • Our Matting By Design consultants will meet with you on site for an in-depth discussion of your needs and expectations. Matting By Design then creates the customized floor mat specific to your designated size, style, and shape. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started. To view Matting By Design’s commercial floor matting options, click here.