Commercial Floor Mats for Clean and Dry Floors

Light-Duty Floor Mats

SaharaMat® Absorbs Everything

When you need high-quality, fast-drying protection for damp areas or lighter-traffic locations, our SaharaMat® options have you covered. Its ribbed polypropylene design quickly and efficiently contains liquid and moisture, so your floors stay desert dry, clean, and safe.

Backed by the Best

What makes our logo floor mats unique is the backing: blown PVC, non-slip, breathable, open-weave, anti-microbial backing unlike any in the industry. Matting By Design’s proprietary process of attaching the backing allows us to produce an unlimited array of sizes and shapes. Our non-slip PVC backing keeps your logo floor mat in place without glues, screws, or frames. Its quick-dry design eliminates mold and mildew, adding extra protection for your floor.

Matting By Design Backing Pink

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  • Hallways
  • Light-traffic entries
  • Uncovered areas
  • Restrooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Spa areas
  • Under revolving doors


  • Commercial real estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Government


A sprinkler problem caused an astounding 1,100 gallons of water to pound our entryway. The best part was, within a few days, the mat was completely dry and there was no odor. Since the backing is completely polypropylene, it did not absorb the water. No water, no mold. Your mats are tough as nails. Half a million patrons have crossed that entry and it still looks great.

– William C. Fox, The Eisemann Center, Richardson, Texas

Yarn Identification Polypropylene Primary Backing Thermally activated low-melt fiber
Yarn Composition 100% Polypropylene Secondary Backing Blown PVC, Anti-Microbial Pink
Yarn Construction Needlepunch, open-weave Backing Height 1/16″ Pink
Yarn Texture 4.7 MM Soft Rib Product Height w/o backing 1/4″
Yarn Denier 6, 15, 60, 110 Total Product Height 5/16″ Pink
Yarn Density 7022 oz./cubic yard Face Yarn Weight 36 oz./sq. yd.
Yarn Ply N/A Finished Product Weight 50 oz. Pink
Yarn Gauge N/A Moisture Retention 18 oz./sq. ft.
Stitches per 3″ N/A Flammability Federal Stand DOC-FF-I-70
Dye Process Solution Dyed Sizes Unlimited
Color Fastness UV Stable Life Expectancy 4 years with proper maintenance
Available Colors Charcoal, Pebble Edging Heat-sealed, PVC, or unfinished
40B Charcoal 41B Pebble
22 Building Sahara Mat Door Entrance Sahara Mat Runners
Sahara Mat Runner Sahara Mat Runner

True Point PVC Edging:

  • Composition: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Available in six colors: Black, Sable, Putty, Sepia, Camel, Battleship
  • Visible width: 1½”
  • ADA Compliant: Ramps down from 3/8″ to 1/16″
  • Additional charge applies
  • New Color Swatches Edging

    Heat-sealed Edge:

  • Products are electronically melted to achieve beveled edge
  • No additional charge
  • PVC_edging


  • Application is for recessed or wall-to-wall installations
  • Product is sold oversized with raw edges for trim in on-site
  • No additional charge
  • Call 800-468-0860 or contact us now for more information.