Matting Rescue: As-Needed Maintenance Procedures

Even with the most vigilant care, your commercial floor matting may need occasional maintenance to remedy the effects of accidents or weather. Follow these procedures to bring your Matting By Design floor mat back to life.  

Spot Removal

To remove a stain from your logo floor mat, start by identifying the source. If you can isolate the substance, such as grease, blood, or coffee, you can then find the type of chemical designed to remove the spot. Most chemical companies offer spot-specific cleaning agents. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the chemical solution according to the manufacturer’s directions (if it’s not premixed).
  1. Treat only the stained area, and continue treating until the spot is removed. Do not treat the entire branded floor mat.
  1. Once the spot is removed, thoroughly extract the area to remove chemical residue.

Gum Removal  

If your commercial floor mat is contaminated by chewing gum or another sticky substance, follow these steps:   

  1. Use a high-quality, citrus-based gum remover, such as Goo Gone.   
  1. Do not use a “freezing” gum remover. It can damage your branded floor mat and possibly void your warranty.
  1. Once the gum is removed, thoroughly extract the area to remove chemical residue.

Ice Melt Removal

Salt and residue from ice melt products are naturally alkaline-based and tend to stick to carpet fibers like your commercial floor matting. With proper care, you can minimize the damage these seasonal issues can cause.  

  1. Start by vacuuming the affected area with a commercial vacuum cleaner.  
  1. Use an industrial extractor filled with hot water and a high-quality, acid-based neutralizing rinse with a pH between 3.5 and 4. 
  1. Extract the mat until the Click here to enter text.water in the tank appears clear. You may need to repeat the extraction process several times to ensure that all residue is removed.
  1. Clean the back of the mat, the edging, and the surrounding area with the neutralizing rinse as well.

These extra steps can extend the life and maintain the beauty of your commercial floor matting. For additional information, visit our FAQ page and download the Matting By Design Owner’s Manual. As always, you can contact your Matting By Design experts at 800-468-0860 or email

For any additional information or assistance, contact your Matting By Design experts by phone at 800-468-0860 or email