Matting on a Roll: The Right Way To Unroll, Roll, and Store Your Floor Mat

The Right Way To Unroll, Roll, and Store Your Floor Mat

To keep your Matting By Design floor matting looking like new, it’s important to follow proper procedures for unrolling, rolling, and storing your commercial floor matting. 

Unrolling Your Mat

  1. Prepare the floor.
    • Matting By Design’s proprietary pink backing requires a smooth, clean surface to grip properly.
    • For finished floors, such as terrazzo, marble, or hardwood, sweep and mop to remove dust and debris.
    • For a concrete floor, first seal the floor. If that is not possible, sweep and mop the concrete.
  2. Unwrap the commercial floor mat. 
    • Slit the white outer wrapping, making sure not to cut the protective shipping padding.
    • Remove the white outer wrapping and discard. 
    • Unroll mat slightly to remove the protective padding.
    • Save the cardboard core for matting storage.
  3. Unroll the mat.
    • Lay the rolled mat in the area where it will be positioned.
    • Your mat will have a letter on the lower-left corner of the mat. Begin unrolling at the opposite end from the letter. (This will later help you identify the mat once it’s rolled up.)  
    • Using extra assistance if needed, unroll the mat. If your commercial floor mat is large, you may need several people to help. 
    • Allow matting to lay flat for several minutes so it can expand before you position it. 
  4. Move the mat into position. 
    • Keeping the mat low to the ground, grasp the corners and fluff air under it using a wave motion. Grip the mat’s fibers rather than the edges. 
    • Once air floods beneath the mat, it will seem to float, making it easy to pull and turn. Pull gently to avoid the mat knocking you over. 
    • Move your mat into position, fluffing with more air as needed. 
    • Remove trapped air by standing in the center of the mat and shuffling your feet as you walk to the edge. Do this all the way around the mat to allow the pink backing to grip the floor. 

Rolling Your Mat 

  1. Prepare the commercial floor matting.
    • Make sure your mat is completely dry. Vacuum to remove debris.  
    • Check for the letter in the lower-left corner of your mat to match it with the proper tube for storage.  
    • With as much assistance as you need, flip the mat over so the pink side is up. It’s best to flip the mat from one end to the other until the mat is upside down.  
  2. Roll the mat. 
    • Lay the cardboard core on the shortest end of the matting. Tuck the ends of the mat around the end of the core.  
    • With assistance, begin rolling forward, keeping the core straight and the matting tight.  
    • When the mat is fully rolled, roll three more times to make sure it’s tight. Secure the matting with shrink wrap. 

Storing Your Mat 

  1. Move the mat to the area where it will be stored using two or more four-wheel dolly carts.
  2. Always store your matting lying down.
    • Never store a Matting By Design mat on its end. This will degrade the edging and can cause wrinkles.
    • Do not stack or store items on top of your mat. 
    • You may stack mats on top of each other, but make sure the heaviest mats are on the bottom. 

With the right unrolling, rolling, and storage practices, your commercial floor matting will last for many years. For additional information, visit our FAQ page and download the Matting By Design Owner’s Manual. As always, you can contact your Matting By Design experts at 800-468-0860 or email

For any additional information or assistance, contact your Matting By Design experts by phone at 800-468-0860 or email